Depending on your way of working, you may want to allow people to book in with you immediately after your current appointment, or you may want to leave it 24 hours until the next person can book in with you. 

The choice is entirely yours with Sports Injury Fix. 

To amend this, follow these quick steps:

  • Head into 'Business' in the left hand menu
  • Click on 'Profile - Mine'
  • Scroll down to find 'Minimum notice time for online bookings (minutes)'
  • Amend the time period in minutes i.e. 2 hours would be 120 minutes
    • Don't forget, you can book somebody in at any point in your calendar
    • This feature is for people coming through your website/ Facebook page/ SIF and clicking 'Book Now'
      • If your appointment finishes at 9am, and you have this set to120 minutes, the patient won't be able to book with you until 11am (120 minutes after the 9am end time of your currently appointment)