Sports Injury Fix allows you to add separate rooms to your locations, to apply certain treatment types to certain rooms, and even aloows a therapist to block out a room for a period of time. Here's how:

  • Click 'Business' in the left hand menu
  • Select 'Business Features'
  • Tick the box under 'Multiple Rooms'
  • Once this is done, within the 'Business' menu, you will now be able to select 'Rooms'
  • In here, you can click 'Add Room' and give the room an appropriate name & description
  • Select which 'services' you wish to be bookable within that room
    • i.e. if you have a room with a gait analysis machine that cannot be moved (let's call this "Room 1"), you can allocate 'gait analysis treatment' to Room 1 which means that patients will not be able to book a gait analysis treatment in any room other than Room 1
  • Once you're happy, click 'save' and this will take you back a page
  • Select the three dots to the right of the room and click 'Manage User Access'
  • In here, select which therapists can treat out of that room

To reserve a room for a therapist

  • Head into 'Calendar'
  • Select 'Room Reservation'  in the top left hand corner
  • This will bring up a pop up box
    • Select 'which location', 'which room' and the start and end times for that room reservation
  • Click save, and that room is then allocated to that particular therapist