Once logged in then select patients from your lefthand menu. There are two ways to see their notes: 

  1. If you select the patient name you want you will see their patient profile. In the top right hand corner you can select view case notes.
  2. To the right of the patient's name select more, then view notes.

Select add note to create a new note and you have the option of writing a note, drawing on the body diagram and/or attaching a file. If adding photos direct from an iPhone then if you are having problems you may need to change the format from HEIC to JPEG. 

When a note has been added a date and time stamp is shown.

All notes can be edited and it will show the note has been edited and provide an additional date and time stamp to show when this has happened.  

When a patient makes a booking they are asked to provide information on their injury and that information is automatically added to their patient notes. For new patients, a patient record is automatically added and the injury information added to the notes section. More information on adding a new patient record view here.