So, you've taken the great step of joining Sports Injury Fix but how do you get set up easily to get the most out of it.  There are 8 steps on your dashboard to complete when you get started and this guides you through them with an additional 2 points to get you flying.

It's tempting to rush through this to get started but it's well worth taking a few seconds/minutes on each step to make the platform easier to use not just for you but for existing and potential patients. It's worth setting up one location at a time. 

1) Complete Your Profile

This is what shows to the public on your profile on so check all the fields are input correctly. It's surprising how many telephone numbers are entered with a digit missing.


Aside from accurate contact details then the business description field is the most important box.  DO NOT just list what you are or a list of services offered. People engage best when you explain why you should see them, how you can help them and what you do that can help them. In other words, make it easy for them to understand the value you provide to them.  There is detailed advice on this here.

Your terms and conditions: When a patient books through Sports Injury Fix they agree to standard terms and conditions including agreeing to a 24 hour cancellation policy to protect you from no shows. You have the option of providing auto email responses to any booking made so it should only be any exceptional items that are required in this box.

2) Complete Therapists Profiles

This screen allows you to add as many therapists as you like. You can just create your profile and add the rest later or add them all at once. For any therapist added you are asked as a minimum to include their qualifications, services offered and any sports and/or injuries they have particular expertise/experience in. 

The public like to search by who can help them with a particular injury and/or injuries related to a particular sport so worth completing to help you appear in more search results in areas where you can really help people.

You can provide each therapist with their own credentials and permissions, along with any receptionists/users. You can see that here.

3) Specify Insurance Providers

Tick the box of whichever insurance providers you are able to provide treatment for. There are options for none and also other if particular ones are not listed. These can always be added into the business description that you accept these.

4) Set Your Business Hours

This is the page to set the standard opening hours of your business.  You will also have the opportunity of setting individual rotas per therapist in section 5. Make sure you click to save the hours. For more details on business hours, rotas and how it all works then see here.

5) Set Therapists' Working Hours

This allows you to set the specific hours for yourself and each therapist tailored by location using the filters at the top of the calendar. 

The greyed out hours are the ones that are automatically unavailable according to the business hours however you are able to select them to show you can work these hours.

Clicking each box highlights or clears it and selecting the day will highlight or clear the entire day and the same works if you click on an hour.

This creates the standard rota.  In the top right hand corner you'll see an Ad Hoc rota button if there are particular weeks you are working additional hours/days.  In order to mark out ad hoc times/days you are not available then this can easily be done by creating an event in your calendar. 

Remember to click the orange Save button when you've completed this section. For more detail on business hours, rotas and how it all works then see here.

6) Set Up Your Billing Account

This creates a Stripe account for you and enables us to pay you money received from patients. Stripe may require proof of identification and address to confirm the set up here which they will advise either during the process or afterwards.  When a patient pays the money it goes into your Stripe account and is held until no cancellation refunds would be required and Stripe then transfers those funds into your bank account.  

You can track the progress in the booking payments section under financial from your dashboard menu.  

N.B. Please do not enquire about the progress/payment of funds until 14 working days after the appointment date.

7) Set Costings and Durations of Appointments

This will take you to the list of therapists. Select more and edit prices. For simplicity, two mandatory fields are 'Initial Consultation' and 'Follow Up'. You have the opportunity of adding as many additional services as you would like, the only criteria is that they have unique names i.e. so if you offer sports massages of varying lengths then you might wish to label them double session, long, 45m etc.

Under Payment Preference for each service if you are on the Standard plan you have the opportunity to select deposits as well and if you are on the Advanced plan you have the opportunity to select full payment, deposits or no up front payment. This can be varied depending on service giving you full flexibility.

8) Set Up Two Factor Authentication

We take security very seriously and as patient data will be stored we strongly recommend that two-factor authentication is set up for every therapist that has a login for your data.  This is a simple process and enables the phone to be used to provide a code to allow access when combined with a password.  This stops anyone remotely being able to access your patient data even if they have obtained your password. 

At the very least please use a secure password. National Cyber Security Centre provides this advice on choosing a secure password.

9) Advanced Business Features

Set up any additional features required such as external calendar sync, add additional locations, or any of the items listed in the advanced business features section.

10) Maximise success

Read the 5 must-read tips to maximise success.