With IOS 11 and 12 Apple changed the default setting of images to HEIC format, requiring you to save the image as a standard JPEG format before you can upload it to most websites, send to non-Apple devices etc.

If you wish to use your iPhone to take images which you want to upload from your phone to your patient notes on Sports Injury Fix then it will be quicker to change your iPhone settings to save it as JPEGS. This will use up slightly more memory on your phone but still give great quality images.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select camera
  3. Select formats
  4. Select most compatible. This will automatically convert it to JPEG files when it saves them.

If the photos are already in a HEIC format they will need to saved as JPEG files before they can be uploaded.

You are having further trouble with this, please create a ticket via the link above and we can help.