There are two key factors that determine how your availabilty is shown to patients and a third one if you have enabled multiple rooms.

  1. Business Opening Hours:  You'll have set these up when you created the profile and these can be amended at any time on your account by selecting Business from the main menu in your account then Business Hours
  2. Rota: Each therapist has their own rota, even if it's just a one therapist business. We know that many therapists on certain occasions have early and/or late appointments outside of their normal business working hours. As such is a therapist has listed they are available on their rota and that is outside of the business hours then that therapist will show as available at that time and be bookable to patients.
  3. Rooms: Where a business has more than one rooms then the system will see if a therapist is available and then whether a suitable room is available to be booked for the given service that a patient wants. For example, if Jane Doe, a patient, is trying to book a shockwave appointment with John Smith, a therapist, and on John's calendar he is available but Room 1 where the shockwave machine is located is busy then it will show as busy to Jane for that time. 

To add multiple rooms then please request this by creating a ticket via the button above.

Equally if any of this is not clear then please do let us know and we'll be happy to try and be clearer with our explanation.