As part of keeping the language simple for the public two services are mandatory, Initial Consultation and Follow Up.  These are the standard services that if someone was to come and see you for the first time what would you undertake and likewise for the standard follow up.

If you have other services, longer and shorter sessions, special offers etc then you can add more services.  These can be amended and removed at any time. 

  1. Login to your account and see your dashboard
  2. On the front page select the Therapists tile or from the left hand menu select Business then Therapists
  3. On the therapist who’s services you want to add/amend select More then Edit prices.
  4. Complete/amend the details for Initial Consultation and Follow Up
  5. At the bottom of the page, select Add a Service and fill in the boxes. NB. Services need to have a unique name e.g. Sports Massage 30 mins, Double Follow Up Session.
  6. You can choose whether the show an option by unticking 'Enabled' under each service
  7. If you are on the Standard or Advanced plan you have the option to set what payment is required up front for the service.
  8. Save before you exit