A common question that gets asked is how do I get a patient to book with me or rebook?

1) Help patients understand the value

  • Is it clear to the patients WHY they should see you and the value that you can add to them?  
  • Have you used language that the patients understand?
  • If it is an existing patient then tailor your communication to address the patients' problem/needs.

2) Make it easy for them to book

  • Is it simple for the patient to book with you?
  • We know that 86% want to see availability and be able to book online. Can patients do that wherever they find you? For example on sportsinjuryfix.com, on your website or on Facebook?  
  • To cater for the 14% can patients email and call you and get a response within an acceptable period of time?
  • When they send you a facebook message or email you asking about availability do they have to wait for you to respond or do you have an auto response set up advising them that they can see availability and book via your book now button on facebook, website and/or SportsInjuryFix.com?

3) Make it easy for them to find a time

  • Most people nowadays have a work calendar and personal calendar and thus being able to see availability online makes it easy for them.
  • If you are talking to a patient about the next appointment then help them by giving them a simple choice.
  • If we ask a question then people answer it and by giving people options then they make a choice. Hence asking "how does Tuesday at 10 or Thursday at 4 work with your schedule?" Will more often than not lead to patients agreeing to one of those or suggesting an alternative time rather then "I'll get back to you".
  • If they are not keen on booking then this will normally mean they do not understand the value you can provide to meet their need.

4) Confirm the commitment

  • Add the appointment in to your calendar in Sports Injury Fix with an email address and this will send a booking confirmation to the patient including an option to pay up front. It will also ensure they are sent reminder SMS to reduce the chance of no shows if the patient record has a mobile number attached to it.

People want a simple life. Make it simple for them and your life will become simpler too.