Adding a book now button to your website can dramatically increase your website conversions. In our survey 86% of patients wanted to see availability and book online.

To access the URL to use for the button:

  1. On your business dashboard select settings from the lefthand menu.
  2. Select integrations
  3. Copy the For your website URL
  4. Pass to your web developer or use this for the book now button.

NB A key tip is to set your email to have an auto response that says "Thank you for your message. If you're messaging me about availability please click here (with it as a URL in step 3) to see live availability and be able to book in. If it's about anything else I'll respond as soon as I can" . This saves you the time of responding to a raft of messages that people can easily find the answers to and helps patients realise the value of using the online booking system.