We take security incredibly seriously at Sports Injury Fix and where therapists are accessing patient data we recommend and encourage the use of two factor authentication. Sure it takes a few seconds longer to log in but when it's the security of all your patient notes we think it's worth it.

Setting Up

It is free to download the Google Authenticator App and then from your business dashboard and complete outstanding tasks list you can follow the instructions to setup two factor authentication.

It means that you will need a code from your mobile phone at the same time as entering your password, takes 5 seconds longer to log in but hugely reduces the chances of remote access to your account by people that shouldn't. 

N.B. If you or one of your therapists has access to a Samsung Galaxy 7 there is a problem with some of the cameras meaning it incorrectly interprets QR codes and thus cannot be used.

Transferring To Another Phone

If you have a new phone then you will need to redo the process. 

  1. Download Google Authenticator or your authenticator app of choice. 
  2. Login to your Sports Injury Fix account
  3. From the right hand menu select Account
  4. Select 2FA
  5. Select the button to turn off Two-factor authentication.
  6. Follow the instructions on screen to re setup two factor authentication but using the authenticator app on your new phone.

N.B. If you have already disposed of you old phone and thus can't access your account please contact us on support@sportsinjuryfix.com or raise a ticket via the button above and we'll manually remove the two-factor authentication for you to allow you to log back in and set it up for your new phone.