Different permissions can be applied to the account.  There is the overall owner of the business profile, therapists can be added and given different permissions, so can 'users'.

Therapist Profiles

A therapist can amend their own details or be given permission to also amend the business details.

To provide login credentials for a therapist, or to edit them, then from your business dashboard select business then therapists. Select more under their name and add credentials. You can set the permissions of what they can add/manage.

All therapists within a business can view the customer notes of the other therapists within that business to ensure continuity of care if a therapist is unavailable.

You can set what you give therapists permissions to edit: other therapists, business profile, insurances, business locations, reviews, business settings and/or special offers.

User / Receptionist Profiles

To add a user / receptionist profile then go to business then user then add user and complete the details. A user will be able to manage bookings for all therapists but cannot have appointments and thus does not appear on the public profile for bookings.