There are two key ways to show availability through the business hours and individual rotas.  

1. Business hours:  are the standard opening hours of the business.  

2. Rota: The rota allows individuals to reflect their working hours. Any therapist rota is set as the business hours as standard unless changed.

3. Ad Hoc Rota:  When a therapist has additional hours/days of availability compared to their typical rota.

4. Calendar: Events can be created to block out time on an ad hoc basis.

1. Business Hours

When logged in to your business dashboard from the left hand menu select business then business hours. This allows you to show the overall opening hours for the business.

2. Rota

Select therapists then more, then edit rota. This allows you to show your standard rota / working pattern. 

Selecting a box will toggle it between busy and free. Selecting a day or hour will toggle it on or off.  The grey boxes reflect the business working hours but you can still toggle those to show a therapist is working at those times.

Select save

If you have more than one therapist either select a new therapist and repeat the process or they can login and do it themselves.  

3. Ad Hoc Rotas

To show additional availability an ad hoc rota can be created via the rota page and the ad hoc rota button in the top right hand corner. This allows you to add availability and set for which weeks this will be valid for. 

4. Calendar

To block out time on an ad hoc basis then you can use the calendar and create an event. Simply select a time period, choose event instead of appointment and complete the details.  This blocks the time out without it being counted as an appointment.