The public do not understand the differences between the professions and want to search by who best understands their injury and/or injuries related to their sport. 

As such all therapists on Sports Injury Fix are asked to input up to five sports and/or injuries they have greatest experience and expertise in. 

By entering these fields then you will appear in more search results when potential patients search/filter by injury and/or sport rather than location.

This has been the subject of many a debate in the Sports Injury Fix office and amongst our therapist public members. It started as three and based on feedback has increased to five.

The site explains that each therapist will be capable of treating most injuries but the 'specialities listed' are particular areas of expertise/experience. Where a therapist has more than five areas of expertise it dilutes the significance of being a specialist area. 

We always welcome views on this area though, particularly if there is a particular sport or injury that you feel is not suitably covered.