Too many therapists just put standard wording that describes in a very basic level what services are offered such as sports massage, sports therapy, MSK physiotherapist.

The public have shown that they do not know the differences between the services offered by therapists. What they understand is the sports they play and the areas of their body that hurts. They want to read about you the person, what your experience and knowledge is and how that can help them. An example of this that is well received is here.

A really effective way is to divide your story into three parts, why, how then what.  Simon Sineck has a famous TED talk on how much more effective this than just talking about the what. 

Andy Hosgood wrote a brilliant blog for us on how to take the time to market yourself well and to think about how you come across to patients based on how you market yourself.

This was complemented by Andy Byrne's fantastic blog for us on how to value yourself as a therapist and how to translate that into the language you use.

Both blogs take less than five minutes to read and will help you attract more business. Equally make sure you join our members Facebook group for advice, guidance and to bounce ideas. We know that running a business can be lonely and we're always happy to give a second opinion on questions in the group. 

As a final point, always make sure to include a call to action to guide the reader into what you want them to do. For example, "book now" or "start your journey to being pain free today".