The title is one of the most popular questions we get asked, along with "My profile is getting views but I'm not getting bookings, how do I change this?"

Some factors cannot be easily changed such as geography. If you are in a remote area there will be far fewer people searching in your area and equally, they may already know that you are the only option, or one of just a few, so approach you directly when they require treatment.

The key point is that you get out what you put in. We've seen that when people are researching who to see for their injury they consume all available information. That means, websites, Facebook pages, Sports Injury Fix profiles and/or personal recommendations. As such it's important you have a clear value proposition how you describe your business across the marketing you do.  You can see more detail and advice on how to describe your business here and how to improve your lead generation by listening to the lead generation episode of the Sports Injury Fix podcast

These factors aside then here are four key tips:

Let people book in the way they want. The first way to stand out is to allow the public to book in the way they want by enabling online booking via your business dashboard if you haven't already. 86% of people want to see therapist availability and book online so make it easy for them. 

People buy people so help the public to understand who you are, why you've put the sports and injuries you have as specialities, how you can help them and make them feel comfortable why they should see you. The help article on how to describe your business provides a lot of great tips that, if followed, will increase your chances of more business.

Less is more.  There is a tendency to assume that having a huge long list of services offered maximises the chances of attracting patients? Wrong. This was proved with jam of all things. In 2000 psychologists Mark Lepper and Sheena Iyengar demonstrated that people who saw a large display of jam were 1/10th as likely to buy as people who saw the smaller display. This 'choice paralysis' has subsequently been proven many times over as well as that having increased choice leads to decreased satisfaction. No more than 5-7 is often argued as the maximum number of options that a person can process comfortably.

Get free publicityWe seek to promote the therapists on our site so take advantage of this. We provide opportunities to have articles publicised and to take part in events running our hugely popular treatment room at national shows to help raise your profile and attract more patients. Get in contact and let us help you. 

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