When therapists track no shows and/or last minute cancellations they are more common than most therapists realise. Even if the patient re-books for another time it is still a wasted session where you have not earned any money.  

Association chairman have reported no show/last minute cancellation rates of up to 20% of patients as common amongst their members, particularly for those therapists just starting out. Just one no show or last-minute cancellation a week at £50 a session is £2,600 a year.

Public behaviour has changed and the public now expects to see availability online, to book AND pay for sessions in advance and to have automated reminders to stop them forgetting. This is evidenced by the success of AirBnB, ClassPass, Personal Training Sessions etc. Indeed it's hard to find an activity you book online which you do not have to pay up front for. 86% of patients want to be able to book online and 97% of those are happy to pay up front.

So how do you minimise them, or at least get paid for them? 

To minimise no shows then Sports Injury Fix has automated email and SMS notifications which are proven to reduce no shows. 

For customers booking online then payment is taken at the time of booking and a strict 24-hour cancellation policy is enforced meaning you get paid for no shows and/or last-minute cancellations. It also has the knock-on benefits of saving time during appointments, no trips to the bank to pay cash in and removes the awkwardness for you and your patients of when it comes to asking for money. 

With the standard and advanced plans this can be amended to include deposits rather than full payment up front if you feel that would be better suited for your patients.

You can even benefit from this for ALL of your bookings by encouraging your patients to book with you through Sports Injury Fix.  Even if you add the booking in yourself it sends a booking confirmation with a payment request. 

What difference would it make to you if you were paid for no shows / last minute cancellations?

N.B. Some therapists are very cost focussed which is a good thing. Although turning off SMS reminders to patients to save a few pence each time can be counterproductive. For example for a typical £40 appointment that equates to 800 5 pence SMS. At 1 reminder SMS per booking, that means if it saved at least 1 no show per 800 bookings then it would have paid for itself.