New appointments are created via the calendar:

  1. Select the date and time you wish the appointment to be and create a new appointment.
  2. Input a title and confirm the start and end times of the appointment.
  3. In the Patient field then start typing their name. If that patient is an existing patient then it will provide the opportunity to select that patient and all details will be added to the existing patient record.
  4. If it is a new patient it will provide the option of entering an email address and notes in order to create a new patient record. 
  5. Select the service the appointment relates to i.e. initial consultation
  6. Send booking confirmation - if this box remains tixed it will send an email booking confirmation to the patient including a payment request.  

N.B. If you wish for the patient to pay by cash they can ignore the payment request or you can select not to email them a confirmation. Any booking in your calendar that has not been paid is marked as such. 

If you wish to create an event rather than an appointment then see here.