TLDR: Please raise a ticket via the link above or email and we can import your patient records for you for free

Other companies and software providers can sometimes make it difficult to try and trap you into using their service but under GDPR as such letting us see the data first is most helpful.

If you have external patient records then these can be imported via a CSV file. Most spreadsheets can be saved in this format.  

Either raise a ticket above for free support to import your patients or if you just have a simple list in a CSV file including First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Telephone Number then follow the simple steps below: 

From your business dashboard select patients from the left hand.  

Select import CSV 

Step 1: Provide your CSV file. Under CSV file select choose file and find the file to import. 

Select next.

Step 2: Review your data. Select the right column headers for the correct columns and then preview import. This can take a little while if you have lots to import.

N.B. Column header options at present are First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Telephone Number and Marketing Opt In. If you have any other columns you wish to import please create a ticket with the file attached.

Step 3: Preview Actions

It then allows you to review the data it finds and shows whether that patient already exists, if any email addresses are invalid and/or how the system will use that data to create the patient.

Scroll down to the bottom, and if you're happy then select import