Undertaking this action allows Sports Injury Fix to obtain a 'subscription' to your Cliniko calendar, meaning it can read the entries and display them in your Sports Injury Fix calendar, blocking out times that you are busy. This time will show as 'busy' to customers looking for appointments.

  1. Login to your Sportsinjuryfix.com business dashboard
  2. Select ‘Business’ from the menu on the left then ‘Calendar’
  3. Select ‘Connected Calendars’ button at the top
  4. Under ‘Your Remote Calendars’ enter the name of the calendar you wish to add and then obtain the URL via the following steps
  5. Login to your Cliniko account
  6. Select 'My info' under your name
  7. This will bring you to your practitioner information page. Find where it says External calendar.
  8. Select the 'Enable external calendar button'
  9. Copy the URL you'll see.
  10. Paste this into your Sports Injury Fix calendar link.

We request the data every minute from your Cliniko calendar to ensure the data is as up to date as possible. Cliniko does not allow you to subscribe to additional calendars so at present it is not possible to automatically add Sports Injury Fix bookings in to a Cliniko calendar. Please request Cliniko to enable you to subscribe to ICS/ical calendars. 

You are however sent email confirmations for new Sports Injury Fix bookings and SMS if you opt to receive them. Your Sports Injury Fix calendar will always be the most up to date record.

Please note it can take up to 24 hours for the first sync to happen.