Undertaking this action allows Sports Injury Fix to obtain a 'subscription' to your Outlook calendar, meaning it can read the entries and display them in your Sports Injury Fix calendar, blocking out times that you are busy. This time will show as 'busy' to customers looking for appointments.

It also allows you to 'subscribe' to your Sports Injury Fix calendar so events are imported into your Outlook Calendar.

Adding an Outlook Calendar(s) to Sync with Your Sports Injury Fix Calendar

  1. Login to your Sportsinjuryfix.com business dashboard
  2. Select ‘Business’ from the menu on the left then ‘Calendar’
  3. Select ‘Connected Calendars’ button at the top
  4. Under ‘Your Remote Calendars’ enter the name of the calendar you wish to add and then obtain the URL via the following means…
  5. Go to outlook.office365.com
  6. Select the settings cog in the top right-hand corner
  7. Select ‘View all outlook settings’
  8. Select ‘Calendar’
  9. Select ‘Shared Calendar’
  10. Select ‘Publish a Calendar’
  11. Select Your Calendar
  12. Select ‘Can View When I’m Busy’ from the dropdown menu then select ‘Publish’
  13. Copy the URL next to ‘ICS:’ and paste this into your Sports Injury Fix calendar link as per point 4.

Adding your Sports Injury Fix Calendar to Sync With Your Outlook Calendar(s)

  1. Go to outlook.office365.com
  2. Go to your calendar
  3. Select ‘Discover Calendars’
  4. Under ‘Import Calendar’ select ‘From Web’
  5. Under ‘Link to the Calendar’, enter the URL of your Sports Injury Fix calendar
  6. Under ‘Calendar Name’, type the name you wish to use for the calendar
  7. Select ‘Import’

We request the data every minute from your Outlook calendar to ensure the data is as up to date as possible. Whilst we cannot guarantee the speed at which Outlook syncs it is described as ‘regular’. You are sent email confirmations for new 

Sports Injury Fix bookings and your Sports Injury Fix calendar will always be the most up to date record.

Please note it can take up to 24 hours for the first sync to happen.

If at any point you require extra assistance, please raise a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help.