The first step is to ensure we have the right bank details for you.

On your business profile dashboard you need to select the profile completion bar and ensure that the task "setup your billing account to receive payments" is complete.  Follow this process through during which it enables you to identify yourself to Stripe (who process all the payments) and provide the bank account details where you want payments to go to.

Please ensure you check these details as we cannot be responsible for incorrect banking details being entered by you.

Once you're set up correctly then when a patient pays, the money is transferred the same day to your Stripe connected account.  It takes 7 days for Stripe to then make this payment available for action.  

The next step depends on how far in advance of the appointment the booking has been made. It takes Stripe 7 days to process a payment from your connected account into your bank account.

Timescales and details can be viewed in your dashboard via business then billing from the right-hand menu.

NB: If you wish to chase funds then please do not do so until more than 14 working days after an appointment

The money needs to be held in the connected account until 24 hours prior to the appointment so it can be returned to the patient if they cancel. 

If the booking is made the day before the appointment then this would take 14 working days for the money to hit your bank account. If the appointment is booked sufficiently in advance, payment is automatically triggered from the connected account to your bank account 5 days before the appointment meaning you will receive the payment into your bank account either the day of or the day after the appointment.

The whole process is automated so you receive the funds directly without having to worry about any admin.

If you need to change your banking details see here

If you have any problems then please create a ticket above and we'll action it promptly