Making a booking on is easy and can be completed in 4 simple steps.

  1. Search
  2. Choose a therapist
  3. Book
  4. Pay

A more detailed description is as follows:

On use the search box to a enter a location and search area. This will take you a results screen with an option bar down the left hand side if you wish to filter/search by more specific parameters.

On the search terms you can view any business by selecting the businss name, the 'view details' button or the therapist name.

This will take you to the main profile of the business where you can read their description and see further information such as the sports and injuries they specialise in and the services they offer. You can select each therapist that works there to see a more detailed individual profile. 

For therapists that have online booking enabled a 'book now' button will be visible and if this is not visible then you will need to either call the number provided or click contact in order to email them. 

Once the 'book now' button is selected your first option is to select the service. If unsure or you are then select 'initial consultation'.

You can see the therapist's availabilty. If you selected 'book now' on the business rather than a specific individual you will then have the choice of therapist too.

Select a date and time that suits, add a brief note on the booking, pay by card and that's you done.

The therapist will receive your booking details and will be in touch if they have any questions before hand.